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Extended Project Essay Example

  1. I'm doing an EPQ on Social Media but I'm struggling with the structure of my essay... any tips/examples people have?

  2. Hey sis/bro,
    my teacher told me to do it this way:

    -Introduction - outline question
    -Literature Review - basic history of the topic, e.g. who was the first person to think about wind energy ect..
    - Main discussion - use questions as subheadings and answer these questions
    - Conclusion
    - Smoke weed

    I haven't done any of it yet!

  3. Here is the structure I used for my EPQ and what to put in each section:


    Start by introducing your question, for example: “The question I am researching is "...?", then explain the aim of your project, i.e. what you plan to find out. Also mention what sources of information you will use, and how your essay is going to be structured. These are easiest to write about at the end of the project, so don't worry about writing a thorough introduction straight away.

    Main essay

    Here you should discuss all of the main points and arguments which will help to answer your question. This should be the bulk of your essay; remember to use paragraphs and reference any quotes you use so that the examiner can refer to them in the bibliography. Use at least 3 different sources throughout your essay, for example a book, a website and a TV programme (you get marks specifically for using a variety of sources).


    In the conclusion you should briefly discuss the most significant points/arguments again and come to a conclusion which answers your original title question.

    I hope this helps

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