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Saints Row 4 Ghostwriting Hack Rim Jobs




The Collectible Finder


The Collectible Finder


Note that you'll unlock the "Collectible Finder" as a reward when you complete the side mission "The Pledge". This side mission is unlocked after you save Matt Miller from his captivity under the Zin as a part of the main mission "Zero Cool", which is the 13th main mission of the game.

With the collectible finder, all locations of collectibles will be pin-pointed on your map – you can then just use the GPS to get to each  of them. Till you unlock the collectible finder though, it's best if you invest your time to complete other activites and challenges.




The collectibles in the game are of four kinds –


Audio Logs – 39

Clusters – 1255

Zinyak Statues – 36

Text Adventure Pieces – 8


The best way to collect them (apart from clsuters which are 1255 in total) are to open the map after you have unlocked the collectible finder and mark them with the GPS with a right click –


Then it takes you to fly there and get the item.


Audio Logs


The Audio Logs reveal important thoughts of your Homies, these thoughts are not only relevant to the present game but also the history of the characters. The Audio Logs are not exclusive to your homies, but also their greatest enemies like Cyrus.


The Audio Logs look like audio waves in the air –




Now you definitely need these to power-up your super powers and you need all 1255 to fully power-up to the level of Super-Saint.

To collect clusters, just go to a neighbour hood with a lot of clusters and start jumping and collecting them. If you don't want to get bored then just collect 50 clusters every time before a main mission.


Zinyak Statues


Now, you need to destroy these…


They can be anywhere from inside a Zin Planet to the very top of a skyscraper.


Text Adventure Pieces


They look like small computers from 20 years past. Collecting all of them is supposed to reveal the history of the Zin.



Great to do, fantastic to complete, the challenges give you 1500 Cache and 500 XP mostly. Some are easy, some are not, some take a long time to collect.


Some of the most difficult challanges are – 


Complete All Challenges

On-Foot Mayhem Gold Medals


Apart from these some others which will never be completed unless you specifically do them are –


TK Catches

Enemies Mind-Controlled

Most of the others will be done as you play the game.



Side Missions


Simulate Instruction

Campaign Trail of Destruction

Executive Orders

The Simulation Recognizes,,,

Supreme Justice

Power Play


Simulate Instruction

— Explore the Tower


The towers are a great source of clusters…


Get to the marked location on your map and you'll come onto the platforms. You need to jump from one to the other and sometimes onto the tower to progress upwards. You get to activate warp points as you go up so that when you fall down, there's a platform on the ground which you can use to warp back to the previous warp point –



Also, conquering towers will get you to unlock challenges.


— Simulated Fraud


This is also a type of activity. This involves you being a Ragdoll – fun way to play with physics!!!


So you need to do some insurance fraud  by voluntarily dumping yourself in front of cars and into buildings. Now, the best way to do this is to gather massive combos – the best way to do anything in the game if you want to get gold in the activities is to gather massive combos. So, best way to do fraud is to super sprint into vehicles and keep clicking left mouse, right mouse and left and to perform the fraud, you can control the ragdoll with your movement and direction keys. The speed of your super sprint and when you bump into the cars, you'll be literally flying. And, make sure you direct yourself in front of vehicles.


— This Tank's for you

Next is time for the Tank! Get into the tank and keep shooting and moving! that simple – just make sure you shoot as many cards as you can as fast as you can. Target and shoot the marked targets for extra points.


Campaign Trail of Destruction


— Meeet Keith on the Ship

— Race through the System

— Disrupt the System

— Clear out the Zin Troops

— Ascend the Tower


This is just the same as doing some activities one by one…


Unlocked –


Executive Orders

— Assassinate Rouge Program


First is another activity – kill the target. This is similar to the assassinations from the previous game. You get a few targets and you need to kill them – if you pick the wrong target, you'll just need to get to the others and kill the right one – beware that the targets in this game are dangerous and can kill you easily so watch yourself around them.


— Clear out Zin Troops


This is a hotspot clear up…


— Break the rules of Reality


Just another Ragdoll fraud…


— Shut Down the Hotspot


Just what you did before…


— Carjack the System

—-  UFO Mayhem


Get to the location and get inside the ship. Hit Shift to lift up the ship and F to shift the mode from hover. 


— Meet Keith on the ship

Once you meet him, unlimited sprint is unlocked – extremely useful…


The Simulation Recognizes,,,

— Take over a store

—- Hack the Planet


Go to planet Zin and take over it and shoot the guards coming outside who eventually turn into aliens and then run behind the C.I.D, when you are close to it, keep mashing E to catch it.



— Initialize Virus Injection


Go to the activity area and start it. You need to kill waves of enemies to inject the virus. The enemies are all malfunctioning code so they do not appear proper – don't think your computer's broke or something – it's just the way these mission are.


— Carjack the data

Go to the car and get into it – you'll need to take it to the pointed area. It can be so damaged that it'll blow up so for once durin theses missions you'll need to drive carefully.


Supreme Justice

— Explore the Rift


Go to the rift opening and into it, you'll start a new kind of activity – Speed Rift. You'll need to run thru the rift, avoiding the obstacles to avoid getting slowed. When your burst meter is filled, you can hit LMB to start the burst to get you sped up and you can even burst thru obstacles like this. 


Just don't fall into the red lanes –


You need to collect all the orbs on your way – the purple ones give you more points.

You need to climb a bridge afterwards… you'll unlock the Roddy outfit.


Power Play

— Meet Kinzie on the ship


She tells you that you need to start clearing up the system so she can work better. 


The first task is a simple Virus injection – go to the place and kill all of the enemies in the waves.


Next is to hack Friendly Fire. Hacking is simple – just click and drag the icons to make a tunnel leading from the left to the right ends and you are done


The third is a target elimination and the final one is mayhem time and after that you'll need to clear out the troops from a hotspot and destroy the guardian which comes.

Go back to Kinzie and get your reward…




— Meet CID on the Ship


Go thru a gateway and get a first look at your maniacal AI friend..


— Win Zinyak's favourite game show


This is a typical Genki MOM. Do it as fast as you can to secure gold – which is not needed but will help with the XP part. Just look around for the Genki objects – the people and cars are plenty but the Genki objects are few.


— Initialize Virus Injection


Go to the marked location and you'll start the Virus Injection. The enemies are Genki cat cos-players and you need to get 45 of them – just take your assault rifle out and ravage them.


— Clear out Zin Troops


This is another Flashpoint, clear it and that's it.


— Race thru the system


This is a Blazin game, get it done and you can go to collect your great reward.




Telekinesis Element – Life Steal
Equip life steal and you can consume the life force of anyone around you and add it to your own – this can be very very useful…


Obey (again)…


— Clear out Zin Troops


A regular hotspot activity.


–Initialize Virus Injection


This one is on the harder side of injections. The aliens are not sissies and have to be dealth with seriously. The best way to take them down is to use your superpowers along with your conventional weapons. So, once they start dropping out of the portals, shoot them in the head to get rid of them quickly and when they are over numbering you, just use a freeze or fire blast to set them up and kill them.


If you fee there are too many then just run away from here to some ditance behind cover and wait for your enemies to come to you one by one and then kill them and run away and repeat like that. You can also, run away and use life suck and other things to regain your health while the aliens take their time to come get you – also, if you freeze blast the alien vehicles they are flying on, they will collapse to the ground which will count as a shatter kill – a few of these will get a challenge done for you.


— Disrupt the system


This one is strange – TK Mayhem. On the map, you will find marked are TK balls which you ought to throw at things to blow them up, this can be a bit difficult to follow at first but just keep doing it and you'll get it soon. One more thing you can do is to pull a ball to you and super splrint with it infront of you – make sure you are pointing the mouse to the ground which will make the ball spin – if you can do this properly, you can run into vehicles and destory them but you'll be blown away from the blasts so you need to be careful how you do this!!!


Now you can wear the CID suit from any Gateway.


Obey (One more time)


— Explore the Rift


Time for some Play ball!


This one can be fun… The Telekinesis Rift needs you to throw explosive balls at targets and destroy the targets. The balls and targets come in two colours so match the colour of you ball and target for max points.



It is very easy to get a gold in this. Always, take one and only one ball and throw it to the targets, if your ball hits the target, the target will deflect the ball right back at you and if you do not catch the ball with TK mid-air then you'll be blown away!


So each time use only one ball and hit the targets and wait for the ball to come back and do it again. The higher the combo, the more points you get with each hit and the combo goes away when you are exploded so always try to catch the ball mid-air and throw it back.


— Clear out Zin Troops


This is very regular, go there and kill the enemies – ain't nuthin much t it!!!


— Win Zinyak's Favourite game show


Genki time again! This is also just like the other's so no sweat to get it done!!! To get gold in this, you will have to travel between the locations quikcly since that will give you time to play the game better. As soon as you lan somewhere, pick up a car or a human – the first thing you can see and start throwing. Gold is a bit challenging but if you plan to do it a second time around, it can be done pretty easily.



TK Element: Lightning (awesome!)
This will turn anything held by your TK into a devastating bomb of lightning.




— Kinzie needs to talk to you on the ship


Talk to Kinzie to get this started.


— Hack Friendly Fire in Bridgeport


This one ought ot be easy


— Hack the Rim Jobs in Aparice


Easy too..


— Hack the Rusty's Needle in New Baranec


Easy 3…


— Hack the Let's Pretend in New Baranec


Okay, now this – you need to think twice on. To get this done use –


from first node –


left to down node

top to bottom node

up to left node

left to right

left to right

left to top

top  to bottom

down to right


— Hack the Planet Zin in Salander


Even this is a good one –



— Initialize Virus Injection


This is just like all the other virus injections – you need to deal with human cops though this time.


After you get this done, meet Kinzie and you'll unlock a new gateway in the SW pat of the city.


White Rabbit


— Hack the Image as Designed in Bruns Hill



— Hack the Nobody Loves Me in Ashwood



— Hack the Rim Jobs in Ashwood



— Hack the Friendly Fire in Salander



— Hack the Rusty's Needle in Ashwood



— Initialize Virus Injection

End it with a Virus injection for a gateway in East Stanfield


White Light / White Heat


— Hack the Rim Jobs in Sunset Park



— Hack the Planet Zin in Sunset Park



— Hack the Rusty's Needle in Sunset Park



— Hack the Friendly FIre in Loren Square



— Hack the Image As Designed in Loren Square



— Inject Final Code

This is not the final code — really!


A Whiter Shade of Pale


— Hack the Planet Zin in Loren Square



— Hack the Steel Mills Image as Designed



— Hack the Steel Mills Rusts Needle



— Hack the Rim Jobs in Henry Steel Mills



— Hack the Friendly Fire in Henry Steel Mills


This one is simple!!!


— Inject Code

These aliens are tough so keep moving from place to place to regain health. Just run away from the heart of the battle and engage from a distance to take them down easily. Don't fret to use them as ife sources also.


White Wedding


— Hack the Friendly Fire in Camano Place



— Hack the Camano Place Leather and Lace



— Hack the Rim Jobs in West Camano Place



— Hack the Planet Zin in Rosen Oaks



— Hack the Rustys Needle in Espina



— Virus Injection

You'll be done with these missions once you get this VIrus Injection out of the way – don't forget to use your freeze blast!


The Pledge




For all the collectible freaks out there this mission unlocks the Collectible finder bonus and all collectibles are shown on your map after this.


— Meet Matt on the ship


Well, not so difficult to understand is it?





The Warden Stomp


NOTE: Once you come into the Virtual World, you'll face a new Guardian who likes to stomp a lot – infact, it's the only thing it does most of the time. To kill it, you'll need to be quick – when it stomps and lands on the ground, just jump up to avoid damage. TO kill it, you'll need to be really quick and take it with the freeze blast – note that you don't need to hit it directly as splash damage will get it too. But it comes out of the freeze very soon – in a couple of seconds. You need to be close to it and the shotgun is the best weapon to take it out.



Then you'll unlock the STOMP… You can use stomp while on ground or a more powerful version is when you jump up and hit stomp while mid-air.





This mission is another run of the activities where you clear out some Zin. Hack a store and jack a car and take it to a safe location.


Unlocked:Collectible Finder


The Turn


— Explore the Rift


Head out to the Rift – this is just like the one before where you need to jump from one platform to the next hitting the center each time to gain max points.



To get a gold in this, you need to be fast and precise – don't worry too much and make sure you are running all the time – the center is a big area so you don't need to land exactly there but around that central area – make sure you are quick enough too.


— Clear Zin Troops


Nothing much here…


When you get back to Matt on the ship, you unlock the Matt Miller Costume.


The Prestige


— Shut down the hotspot


Get to the hotspot and kill all aliens and take out each generator – the heat rises up significantly and quickly too so make sure you are in and out quickly.


— Upload Virus


Just keep killin them – use the alleyways around the houses as cover if you need to.


— Hack the Rim Jobs



Get back to Matt to get the Blast Element, Mind Control.


Loyalty – Nytefall


— Join Matt's adventure


Head to the 3-point classic club and inside you'll find Matt get ready to start off his simulation. The first task is to survive a zombie attack so take out your favourite gun (or dildo!) and smack them zombies around. And after that comes in Nyteblayde…



Go out and get into the car behind him and follow him. You'll be ambused in a bit so get out and kill everyone and resume following NyteBlayde again. Something strange happens and you get to fight the Zin-NyteBlayde – damn zinyak!


Even though he may be a pansie – he is pretty tough so you need to spend some time killing him. You do not have your super powers so it's going to be a bit tricky. You basically need to keep running around when you see he's prepping for an attack or something like that – just do not stand in one spot – keep running around. Also, shooting him in the head with your most powerful weapon will help greatly!!!

Once he falls, Matt Miller gains NyteBlayde powers and you can summon him to fight alongside you in Zin Steelport at any time.


Something to Prove

— Meet Fun Shaundi on the Ship


(For those of you who thought that there'd be both Shaundi and Fun Shaundi on the ship – then bad news! Fun Shaundi is just a simulation of Shaundi's past self – you'll find her only in Zen Steelport and in the Ship you'll communicate thru a computer).


— Race thru the System


Get this Blazin done!


— Clear out the Zin Troops


By this time you ought to be able to take them down in a couple of seconds, if you have not been practising yet then jump up in the air – hit the ground where most of the Zin are and then while in the air hit the Stomp power and you'll shatter all of them in an instant – keep practising this!


— Explore the Rift


This is a speed Rift and is a bit trickier than the last one. In this rift there are going to be a lot of speed breakers – note that you'll be able to change lanes with only one tap of the direction key – there's no need to hold the key or direct the character thru turns – just give him a lane to go on and also – be wary about jumping – you need to time it earlier than you think!


— Hack Image as Designed



— Meet Fun Shaundi on the Ship

When you meet her, you'll unlock the Stomp Element – Gravity – this is a fun power to use!!!


The Solid

— Clear out Zin Troops


Again – use the ice blast – stomp combo. 


— Virus Collection


Fun Shaundi's Virus collections are great looking actually. This one is a Cyber Gunslinger –


— Hack Image as Designed



— Meet Fun Shaundi on the Ship

After that, you'll unlock the Fun Shaundi outfit. Useful for Female characters and cross-dressers.


Shaundi's List 


This is another routine run thru of stuff to do..


— Hack local Friendly Fire



— Initialize Virus Injection


Four waves in total – the Zin attack from everywhere so if think a certain area got too hot for you – jut run away a bit and take them out one by one as they come and repeat – also, the ice blast – stomp works great when a lot of enemies are concentrated in one area.


— Carjack the Data


This is a great vehicle too..


— Clear out the Zin Troops


You'll fight with a stomp guardin here – keep hitting the freezze button.


— Meet Fun Shaundi on the Ship

When you get back to her, you'll get the Stomp Element – Shrink.




— Meet Shaundi on the Ship


Get to her to start this off…


— Disrupt the System


This is a Stomp Mayhem disruption. This can be very difficult to get a gold in. You'll basically have to be lucky to get a gold and also, don't stomp in one area more than once, just keep jumping to the next place and stomp – fly away to another area if you can't find enough vehicles to stomp on.


— Race thru the System


Standard Blazin!


— Clear out the Zin Troops


Getting easy!


— Complete Training Programm


The boss is Junichi. The fight get tougher each time. In the second round, you'll need to stay inside the green circle till the meter fills up –


This can be a little difficult – the meter only fills if you are on the ground inside the circle – not even when you are jumping. And the meter decreases if you are not in the circle – your objective is not to kill the enemies – they just keep coming. Keep using freeze blast near the area around you. Try not to kill any enemies in this round too. Just stomp if you want to make them fly away – mind control and shrinking also works.


— Assassinate Rouge Programm




This is a pain in the ssa rouge programm – really!



It can get really really annoying if you don't kill the Trojan as soon as possible because you will face tons of resistance from everywhere around you – do not sccrew around. Just take your best weapon and keep decimating the target and leave everyone alone – also. Once you get near him, the target follows you even if you move around a bit – you can use this to take him out of conjusted areas.


— Meet Shaundi again

You get a great weapon – the murder bot minigun (keep it with you always!!!)


Under Pressure

— Explore Rift


This is a TK rift. You need to hit the targets with bombs – now this rift is unpredcatable beacause you won't know what's happening each time. One time, it may be that the balls you throw will explode and not come back. At other times they come back and explode near you if you don't catch them. Other times, the targets will shoot at you and you need to gather those balls and the color of the targets may change in-between the game. SO you need to see and discern which type of target you are hitting and go according to plan.


One more thing is that you ought to stay a bit away from the edge of the platform you are shooting from. Otherwise, each time a ball explodes near you you will be knocked off the platform. The targets and the balls may be very un-predictable too so be careful.


— Clear Zin Troops




— Assassinate Rouge Program


It's a Render CPU – it's just a "?"… quite literally.


— Virus Collection


Secret Admirer


— Explore Rift


Now then, this will be the most challengin Platforming Rift you've done till now and it is drecommended to be repeated atleast a couple of times for players seeking gold. It's difficult in the sence that there are lots of platforms around and you will not know which one to take next.



If there are platforms in a straight line across you. Then just jump on one side's last one and make your way to the other side and continue like that. If you don't miss any platform, gold is like cake walk!


— Carjack the Data




— Clomb the Tower


Each tower has 25 Clusters on them – reason enough to conquer them. To get on this tower's starting platform, you need to get to the top of the adjacent building and jump from there.



— Clear Zin Troops


After you take out the Zin troops, a fire Guardian comes in – if you did not know, then freezing him will give health drops – use that to your advantage. Then freeze him and blast him with an RPG if you have them or just use some assault rifle.


— Meet Shaundi on the Ship

Your reward is the Murderbot Minethrower – niceee…


Loyalty – Girls Night Out



— Help the girls out with their issues

—- Go to the Thunder Pump


Head to the Thunder Pump and you'll meet the Shaundis and listen to their plans. So first is Fun Shaundi, take the nearby car and get to the deal location with both of them.


After you take out the muscle, hit the sack –


Well, doesn't quite work like we wanted to – so get to the next locaiton. After you kill the dealers, hit the sack again and see what happens…



Note: This next sequence is extremely fun!!!


You'll then need to race along with the two Shaundi's till they stop – so chase them down. Finally, they stop and you'll get to Child's location.



Kill off the furry gang first and they you'll face Child(ren) next… There are a lot of them so get to killing them. The thing is that they keep getting stronger as you keep killing them – but the shield around the real Child gets weak. Finally, you'll fight four of the toughest ones. They can be frozen and they won't get out again. Just kill them off and deal with the real guy.


Unlocked:Both Shaundi's have superpowers now!


Ghost Writing


— Shut Down the HotSpot


Okay, first get the hotspot out of the way.


— Clear Zin Troops


After you take out the foot soldeiers, you need to fight a guardian.


— Hack a Rim Jobs



— Upload Virus


Survive thru three waves of cops to complete this.


— Meet Ben back on the ship

Once you get back to Ben, you'll unlock the Buff Element: Freez – a great power and note that when fully upgraded, the Buff powers are better than the blast powers.


Rising Action


— Initialoze Virus Injection


Three waves and it's done.


— Assassinate Rouge Programm


The target here is Zinnimda, best to use buff-freeze and get him.


— Clear out Zin Troops


Another round of zin killing.


— Upload Virus


Two more waves of cops. Just make sure you are high up on a building and you can destroy the cops coming onto the road below you easily.


— Meet Ben on the Ship

This gives you a Ben King Suit.


The Climax


— Initialize Virus Injection


Three waves of Zin.


— Clear out  Zin Troops


A simple flashpoint.


— Disrupt the System


This is a Stomp mayhem. Note that, you just need to get close to vehicles and stomp. Keep doing it and with your super sprint, you should be able to get around quickly.


— Complete the training program


The boss battle here is with Julius. The first wave is simple enough, but the second wave is Defend your area and this can get very tricky as the enemies are Genki Girls. Now, they keep throwing TK balls at you, the best thing you can do is just take a TK ball of your own and use it to block the balls they are throwing – this will help a lot.

You can then end it with your buff powers in the next round. And after this is done, when you go back to Ben, you get the Buff Element – Lightning.


Loyalty – King of the Dance


— Finish off Tanya


This is going to be great if you are a female character and funny as hell for male characers!!!


— Attack Virus Carriers


First off, go to the alley and once you are dopped off there, shoot down the Virus carrier and hit E to absorb the Virus. (Curious change of outfit!) Then you get to take out another carrier and absorb him too.


— Go to the Gothedral


Kill everyone infront of the Gothedral.


Dancing Queen

— Go to Technically Legal


Head into the club and get to the bouncer to sign up. Now, head onto the stage and "ShowTime"…


After that, go to the elevator and head to the roof. Tanya will not fight with you in one place. You need to follow her till she stops and then fight her. You basically can't damage her till the game tell you that you can fight her. After half her health is gone, she runs again to another roof top – follow and destroy.


Get near her after her health is up and hit E to throw her into the garden and go inspect the body…

Fun Trumps All

— Play in Traffic


The ragdoll! this should be easy, if you forgot how to do it then super sprint and just when you get near a vehicle coming at you, hit the left and right clicks and keep using the momentum after that to keep going ahead. Don't stop at one area – you don't need to stay in the bonus area to get the gold easily, the sprinting into vehicle gives you a ton of momentum with which you can keep going – jsut direct yourself infront of vehicles for max points.


— Clear Zin Troops


Another Flashpoint!


— Meet Pierce on the Ship

You'll get the Inflato-Ray gun.


Back to Basics


— Carjack the Data


This is an easy one, you'll have this digital monster truck with you once you complete this.


— Ascend the Tower


Tons of Clusters on your way up, why not?


— Clear out the Zin Troops


One wave, a Hundred and One opponents! The mascots are coming to get you. If you upgraded your stomp then one stomp should be enough to take out every mascot around you so keep stomping – you can also try out the Inflato Ray for some extra fun!


— Meet Pierce on the Ship

And once you get back to Pierce, your Inflato Ray will be upgraded.


Embrace the Crazy


— Clear out Zin Troops




— Assassinate Rouge Program


The Rouge Program here is Test Visual – it's the inflatable sex doll!!! Just freeze it and shoot it to get it down quickly.


— Play in Traffic


Another instance of easy Fraud.


— Time to mess Shi* up… Mentally

TK Mayhem – just throw the balls into the most crowded area near you and keep moving to different areas.


Loyalty – Pump up the Volume


It's just like a mission from one of the other saint games. You should have upgraded your Rocket Launcher by now. It's the best weapon to use in open areas




Once you are in the docks area, just keep blasting out the RPGs. Then in the next area, you'll look for some material hidden in one of the boxes nearby. It will obviously be in the last box so take it easy.


— Kill Maero


Get on top of the hangar and shoot him from there – if you are unable to disable his shield from a distance, then kill everyone around him first from  the top and take him out last in a close fight.

Pierce becomes a Super Homie!


Three-Count Royale


— Race thru the System




— Clear out Zin Troops




— Virus Injection


Double Easy!!!


— Hotspot


Well, just kill all the aliens near a generator before you shut it down or the fire from their weapons will keep disturbing you from disabling the generators.


— Meet Asha back on the Ship

The Weapon – Energy Sword is fantastic!!! You can use this one till the end of the game – it's just too good!


Kill and Let Die


— Virus Injection


Just get onto the nearby building and do your killing from there.


— TK Mayhem


just throw the balls into vehicles and stuff.


— Virus Collection


It's a great Peace Maker – one of the best vehicles in the game.


— Clear Zin Troops




— Meet Asha on the Ship

The energy sword costume!




— Clear out Zin Troops


An easy Flashpoint


— Upload Virus


This should be simple.


— Explore Rift


Another challenging Rift, if you want to get a Gold then you may have to re-play this a couple of times – the best trick here is to learn to time your jumps properly and use the boost as soon as you can and use it when there are a lot of barricades ahead of you.


— Meet Asha back on the Ship

This upgrades the Energy Sword – when killed, your enemies drop twice as much health.


Loyalty – Training Day


— Help out Asha


A VIP escort mission – it's just that the VIP isn't that important after all! Drive to the first stop which is a Zin Planet and when you need to evaluate the threat –


Asha's VIP


It's just enough that you go punch the guy and see his reaction – if he does nothing then he isn't a threat.


The next stop does have enemies. Just get onto the nearby rooftop which is marked and wait. You'll have snipers coming on top of buildings all around you.


You'll have a rifle yourself so take them out quickly before they shoot you down. Then when asked to get back into the car, just jump off the roof and get in. Tanya drives it to the last area, but you are ambushed in the middle.


Use your best weapon to powers to take out the enemies who come at you in groups – so weapons or powers doing splash damage are great. If Asha goes down then rescue her and the enemies just keep coming in bigger groups. Use a rocket launcher or other powerful weapons on the large groups. You will also have a helicopter come at you so destory it and get to the escape car and take it to your pals and drive to the last area.


Then we face the maniac doctor – Professor Genki!!!

In the beginning, he just runs at you. If you run in circles and don't allow him to get near you, Asha will keep shooting him. When his health falls a bit he'll turn into Super Genki and eventually, you'll get back your powers too. Then it's going to be cake!




— Meet Johnny back on the ship


Talk to him to get this started.


— Detroy Alien Shit


The first is a hotspot. Take it Down!


— Upload Virus


One wave of 20 aliens, take thme out from the top of a roof nearby. 


— Clear Zin Troops


…And you'll get a guardian after it.


— Blow up Shit in a Fuc*ing Tank


Tank Mayhem – go crazy – gold is easy!!!

After this, you get the best gun in the game – the Singularity Gun!!!


Closer to 250


— Street Relief




Take out the targets first and you'll be done. Gold is easy!


— Clear Zin Troops




— Kill the Target


Your target is Julius Little – too easy.


— Upload Virus


Test your two new powers here….


— Joy Ride


UFO Mayhem!!!

Just hover over the targets and destroy them. 


— Meet Johnny on the ship

You get your SIngularity's Ammo Upgraded.


Kill Kill Destroy Kill


— Kill


This is a virus injection, and the last one in the game too!!!


— Kill


A Flashpoint!!!


— Destroy


Mech Suit mayhem again! should be fun and easy…


— Kill

Target Maero!!! easy as hell!!!


Loyalty — SR3 Wrap-Up

— Spend Quality Time with Gat




Gat – ((Who names this shit?))…


Gat Time, Fun Time


You are in Genki's home again. First round is without powers – throw the mascots into the green rings for extra points –


Shoot down the various ethical and unethical signs for extra help. you need to be quick around the arena – also, don't keep running thru or you'll get killed easily as there are tons of traps.


In round two you get your powers back – additionally, as you see in the beginning of the round, you can throw mascots into the water for Shark Takedowns!

And the final Boss Fight is a surprise…

Loyalty – The Girl who Beat Cyrus


((Equip the Power Sword for this one!!!))


Kinize's Adventures

— Finish off Cyrus


After you meet Kinzie you'll need to get to Armory Island. Go there and steal a tank and start rampaging and destroy all the other tanks.


— Kill Cyrus


You'll be blown out of your tank soon but you'll get an Alien RPG so use that to take out his copter and search for him.


Once you find him, you'll see that he isn't that easy to kill. Just use your Buff Freeze and get near him. After he freezes, use your sword on him to get his health down and three times. he conjures up his minons. Each time more powerful stuff like tanks and all. Just buff up with the freeze power and go to them and they'll be frozen and you can use the sword to destory them easy – keep doing this and the whole thing will not last more than a few minutes and you get Super Kinzie!!!



Main Missions


Purple Ops

— Zero Saints Thirty


So after some big time Saint Style ass-whoopin!, we start off the game…


Saintjective – Follow Asha


As you move forward, you come to a terrorist and an "execute terrorist" prompt-


Get close to him behind the box and hit F to off him. Move ahead and you'll come across more terrorists. After you kill the first few, you need to get to the comm room.

Meet Ben on the ship

Talk to Ben to update your list of tasks. 


Shut Down the Hotspot

Head to the hotspot in Loren Square and shut it down. Call in some homies if you want your job to become much easier. 



Clear out Zin troops

Head to the marked flashpoint in Henry Steel Mills and kill all zin guards to complete this objective.



Hack the local Rim Jobs

Head to the marked Rim Jobs and hack it successfully to complete the objective. 



Initialize Virus Injection

Proceed to the VI target area and defeat all enemy waves to complete the objective.



Meet Ben on the ship

Talk to Ben to receive your reward (Buff Element - Freeze)